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We believe, without exception, that all individuals considering treatment for their hair loss need a proper and thorough evaluation. There is no one particular treatment best for every patient. However every type of hair loss has potential options. Our patients are given time to discuss their concerns and appropriate time is allotted for a thorough and complete examination. We not only provide highly professional care to patients but also provide care in a manner that allows us to form relationships rooted in trust.



We believe that there is an 'ideal treatment plan' for every patient. The ideal treatment plan incorporates hair medicine, patient's specific type of hair loss, the patients wishes, lifestyle, general health, age and finances.

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Hair restoration has evolved greatly since Dr. Khavarian entered the field of medicine. Dr. Bahareh B. Khavarian utilizes the most current and the most advanced techniques available to treat her patients. Great results are not by accident. Discover what PRP can do for you. Call Today!. (949) 645-8475

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