Microneedling Of The Scalp

Microneedle Therapy

micro needling devicesMicroneedling is gaining wide popularity in many different areas of skin treatment. There have been studies done on microneedling for hair loss and it has been proven to be effective. Microneedling is a procedure which uses little pinpricks with stainless steel mini needles (similar to acupuncture needles) to penetrate the upper layer of the skin (which is known as the epidermis).  This doesn’t cause damage the scalp and helps with penetration of topical solutions and products (such as Minoxidil and Rogain). The microneedling causes microscopic injury to provide an inflammatory response to help stimulate hair growth. The healing process stimulated by injury from the needles result in proteins to help with new hair follicles. This has led to great improvement for men and women with thinning or loss of hair.

Recent studies show that not only does microneedling help with absorption of products but this sort of therapy helps stimulate the scalp and hair growth as well.

How it works

Using topical treatments to the scalp works best if the active ingredients can penetrate the scalp. The scalp has several layers with the outmost layer being the stratum corneum (formed of keratin protein and oils). Since this layer gives good protection to the scalp it is hard to penetrate otherwise. This is where microneedling comes into play. Microneedling helps penetrate the stratum corneum causing topical products to work better and by helping to stimulate pathways to repair, re-grow, and heal hair.

Your physician may perform microneedling by itself or with PRP depending on your specific situation. The microneedling helps break down the barrier and helps your skin absorb more topical products and the plasma rich platelets to reach your scalp. Needle length is determined by your physician. The holes created close back up in a few hours.  You may experience some redness or bleeding and the red marks may be visible up to 1-2 days afterwards.

Microneedling is not used in patients with scalp wounds, acne, acute infection or inflammation.

Here at NHR we incorporate the use of microneedling the scalp for various procedures.  This can be used during a PRP session, before Low Laser Light Therapy, or just stand alone for stimulation.